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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Samsung are the latest company to throw their weight into the fledgling market with their first Smart Watch, the Galaxy Gear. Designed to pair itself simply and easily with any Samsung Android phone, could this be the killer Smart Watch to dominate a brand new tech sector?

It certainly looks good on the surface. Up until now the only Smart Watches that have been released on to the market have been ones from new 'pop up' tech firms like Pebble, Kreyos and IM Watch. But now we have a huge powerhouse like Samsung throwing their weight into the ring, which should heat the competition up a lot. Especially since Apple has been hanging us out for YEARS waiting for the fabled 'iWatch' to appear.
But does the Samsung Gear have what it takes to rock the market as much as we're hoping for? Well, the specs would suggest this to be; "Yes!"... well, almost.

To start, the Samsung Gear weights in at 73.8g, which whilst not heaving, isn't exactly light either. But then, this was never designed to be a light slimline watch. It sports a 1.63inch super AMOLED display which means it's colour display should be bright, vibrant and colourful, and will really show off the Android OS to it's full extent.

The gear also holds a 1.9 megapixal camera in it's wrist strap, so it certainly comes packed with technology. In fact, it's this camera that even gives the watch a 007 type feel, which is every kidults dream!

Also included are two microphones for noise cancellation and a loudspeaker for telephone calls and a rubber strap to hold it all together.

But, and this is the BIG but, whilst it comes with a relatively large 315mAh battery, it's colour screen and camera will kill the battery in roughly 25 hours of regular use, which means, charging your watch will be an absolute must every single night, and that's just going to be an outright pain. Yes, you might get yourself into a routine of brushing your teeth, washing yourself down and then placing your watch 'on charge' for the night, but what happens if your out for the evening, or away for the weekend? When do you charge your watch now? And that's where the problem lies with this watch. The battery power just isn't enough. At an absolute minimum Samsung should have brought out a Smart Watch with at least 3 days of battery life, and as it stands, I think the watch will keep itself very much in the 'quirky gadget' sector, and not in the 'must have' sector like it should have been.

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on September 5, 2013

This could be the watch to really make a stand in the smartwatch market and could be the 'must-have' accessory this year, but this needs to be seen on release day, and it's the battery life issues that could make or break this watch.

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