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Thursday, 19 September 2013

The era of wearable computing has come. The I'm Watch consists of a shiny, 0.39-inch thick metal frame, aluminium material wrist strap. It weighs 3.17-ounce and consist of a power button on the right, which also works as a wake button, emergency power-off button and back button. The watch turns its screen off after a interval of inactivity (15 sec to more than 20 min), but you can't make it to sleep manually with a button hit. The left side has a 3.5 mm jack, and there are speaker/mic framework on both sides.

The device works on a 400 MHz, single core IMX233 CPU having 128MB of RAM. It runs a custom version of Android 1.6, which, according to the company, is the best operating system for this type of hardware. Moving to the other side, the watch has internal storage of 4GB, and a 1.5 inch, 240 x 240-pixel screen that looked very bright even at less than 50% brightness.

When you start the watch, the home screen displays the time, presents weather information and a few shortcut icons to the phone dialer, address book and email, which can be changed by long-pressing them. When you swipe from the top to bottom you'll see a screen with an audio on-off toggle, a manual sync button, a shortcut to settings and a trashcan icon.

When swiped to the right, it displays the apps menu, that comes pre-loaded with many significant watch-friendly apps, including Twitter and Facebook readers, a calculator, a compass and a news app. When swiped to the left, the watch shows shortcuts for Bluetooth, call log, settings, and the clock app. The user has to press the back or power button as many times as necessary to come back to the home screen.

Like virtually all smart watches, the watch connects to your Android or iOS enabled phone and will read e-mail, text messages and phone calls. It connected to my iPhone 4S well and I didn't have too many problems with bluetooth connectivity.

All in all, the I'm Watch is a beautiful piece of equipment. It is a well designed watch, and would look outstanding on your wrist without being too bulky, but it's the battery life that is the main problem with this being a perfect smart watch. Whilst the company behind I'm Watch claims that the watch will last 24 hours, it will actually only last FIVE hours under 'generic use'. This means if you leave for work in the morning, play with your watch on the train journey, get into the office and check some e-mails and maybe make a phone call, you'll be sticking your 'smart' watch back on recharge by midday!

...and as beautiful as this watch is to the eye, this will be it's ultimate downfall.

Review of: i'm Watch

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on September 19, 2013

Beautiful looking smartwatch with some great features, but it's the battery that ultimately lets it down. Who needs a watch they'll have to recharge at midday anyways.

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