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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Back on June 23rd 2013, an unknown company listed a new 'to be developed' smart watch on to the crowdfunding Indiegogo website. To say it was an instant hit is an understatement. Just like the Pebble smart watch, it had people in their thousands signing up to pay money to purchase an as yet, unseen and un-produced product. Do you remember the days when we use to actually go to shops to buy a product, and you'd walk out with it the same day!?

It had a goal of $100,000 to reach and well, it reached that almost immediately and ultimately went on to reach just over $1.5 million of funding. This had better be one good watch!

Well, on the front of it, it does look like it could be one of the best smart watches to come to market. It has a lot of features, and even though it doesn't have a touchscreen like the Galaxy Gear and the i'm Watch, it does promise over 7 days of battery life and if I had to choose which of the two I'd prefer, I'm say the battery life is more important to me.

But what else does the company behind the Kreyos smart watch promise? Well, to start it'll pair with either your Android, iPhone or Windows smart phone and it'll do all the standard displaying of text messages, Facebook notifications and Twitter tweets so that you don't have to look at your phone.

It will display your daily activity tracker and has a sports mode for when you're running and cycling. Along with the built in ANT+ sensor and gyrometer, it'll sync with your heart rate monitor to make sure you're not dead from all this new exercise you'll be doing. It'll then update Facebook too so that all your friends will know that you're the healthiest person they know.

Managing phone calls is where this watch is trying to take the lead from the Pebble smart watch though. With it's built-in microphone, it promises that you'll be able to take phone calls whenever you like, be that when you're driving, when you're running, or when you're lying on the floor drunk outside a club.

All in all, it looks like it's going to be a fantastic smart watch and I have personally backed this project and my watch is due to be delivered before christmas.

The only hesitance I have is that the watch and strap look very big and it'll be a shame if it ends up dwarfing my tiny girl sized wrists.

Full review with photographs to follow once launched.

Pre Launch Review of: Kreyos Meteor

Reviewed by:

on September 22, 2013

Is this the smart watch to better all other smart watches? We will have to wait and see, but it certainly looks good on paper. Can't wait...

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