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Saturday, 14 September 2013

The Pebble Smart Watch, was, and still is probably the most high profile smart watch to date. The main point to note about the Pebble is that it was really the first ever smart watch to be released into the main stream market.

The Pebble started life on crowdfunding website Kickstarter and is one of the biggest products to come out of the crowdfunding media sites with the biggest cash value backing. And this isn't faint praise to hand to a humble watch, with good reason, the Pebble is a brilliant smart watch all on it's own.
The Pebble comes in 5 different colour schemes, but the most stand out beautiful colour is by far and away the Cherry Red. I personally think it oozes class and distinction.

The display is approximately 1 inch in size and has as expected, a dark black background with greyish font. As soon as you remove the watch from the cardboard box it comes in, the smart watch feels sturdy and well-made in your hands and the strap feels solid.

Now, I, as a man, have very dainty slight wrists. This has not really been a huge issue all my life, and I certainly hadn't really paid any attention to it, as it's not like I was a hockey player or a football player as a child. I was more the classic nerd sitting at his computer at lunchtime ICQing to my hearts content, but this was until I turned 18 and parents, relatives, girlfriends started buying me watches as gifts. It seemed during the 1980's that the 'must have' watch was the massive solid metal buckle type, which absolutely DWARFED my girl-sized wrists! Yeeash. Fortunately the Pebble does not have this problem. The Pebble in my opinion looks awesome on my wrist and it certainly has drawn some attention from friends and strangers alike.

Once the watch is turned on though, it's clear to see that whilst the Pebble has flair on the outside, it is very much a run of the mill, nothing outstanding, piece of technology. Now, yes, it does work. It IS a smart watch, and yes, it displays your text messages, e-mails, tweets, without too much of a problem straight out of the box, but it manages to do all of this without any suggestion of grander. This is annoying to me, as Pebble are very much clearly a company with design aspirations similar to that of Apple.

Now, I'm an Apple fan, I've never liked Android. Yes, it does feel like an AA meeting admitting to that, but I am. Now yes, spending my days surrounded by Android fans at work, I am very much aware that "Android can do so much more than iPhone can" and "I can work my television with my Android", but I don't care. Yes the iPhone can't do as much as the Android can, but I don't care. What little the iPhone does, it does with style. And THAT'S why I love Apple!

But that's what the Pebble doesn't do. It doesn't do the watch faces with style. It doesn't show the apps with style. It doesn't show your text messages with style. It's all just a bit "Meh".

Having said that all above, of all the smart watches on the market today, I am proud to say that the Pebble is the 'least worst'. :)

It has a seven day battery life, which actually equates to about a 4 day battery life with regular daily use, but who cares? At least it doesn't run out of battery before midday like the Galaxy Gear looks like it's going to. I don't mind charging my watch every 4 days. I DO mind charging it before the first day is even out.

And it's this simple bonus that is the reason that the Pebble is my choice of smart watch for my wrist at the moment.

Review of: Pebble Smart Watch

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on September 14, 2013

Simple and elegantly designed smartwatch with some excellent features, but ultimately lacking a touchscreen interface which lets it down in the long run. That said, it is my current choice of smartwatch for my wrist.


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